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 Monsoon's App

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Monsoonial Disaster

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PostSubject: Monsoon's App   3/27/2011, 12:53 am

In-Game Names/Professions/Level/Abbreviate Campaigns beaten & also EoTN PvE Ranks
Monsoonial Disaster/Ele/20/Eotn/Proph/Fac/NF/Ebon-10 delver-5 Asuran-6 Norn-4 LB-8
Thats the Spirits/Rit/20/Eotn/Proph/Fac/NF/Ebon-5/delver-4/asuran-5/norn-3 LB-8
Florida Sins/Sin/20/Eotn/Fac/ebon-5/delver-3/asuran-4/norn-2

I also have a Dervish,Ranger,Monk,Necro all level 20 just barely use them and a mesmer working on for DoA

How long have you been playing the game? Describe how long you have been playing
(i.e. if you took any breaks list how long they lasted and when you took them)
i have been playin for 18 months i took a break when dhuum 1st came out been back about 4 months now

Provide a brief example of your experience's such as
(i.e. Professions and areas attributed and equipped for said areas within the following PvE Area's)

-Most exp area you can do:Emo
-Least exp area you can do:T1
-Rest of areas you can do:SoS T2 T4 not the best yet and DWG LT

Fissure of Woe:
-Most exp area you can do:VoS
-Least exp area you can do:UA
-Rest of areas you can do:EoE

Domain of Anguish:
-Most exp area you can do:Emo
-Least exp area you can do:terras
-Rest of areas you can do:none

Do you have ventrillo? And Mic? Yes

Why are you looking to join [Lod]? Bored of Same tactics in other guilds

Previous Guilds before you applied to [Lod]? Dhuums Legionaires [Dead] CrY Alli

Have you ever been in [Lod] before? If so state why you left or why you were kicked

Yes, I left due to fails and then later realized this is a SC guild not going for chest all the time mainly speed in which im ok with. Smile

Have you ever been in any guild in the alliance at the moment? If so state why you left or why you were kicked and when this happened

Do you have any References within [Lod] If so, List In Game names here
April Jokan

Lastly, Any information about your self that you find may help us in the evaluations or you wish to express please leave here. I want to learn new tactics to certain areas to help better my exp in any SC Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Monsoon's App   3/28/2011, 2:01 am

i dont know, he kinda stalks us.....

I say retrial, and last chance.
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PostSubject: Re: Monsoon's App   3/28/2011, 5:31 am

your reason for leaving was cause the runs here failed. when we explained to u how sc guilds work. and even other guilds that do uw. the fail rate in uw is the highest its ever been. and in guilds like these the fail rate is still present cause of the tactics and procedures we go threw to get the times we want. and just cause we do timed runs doesn't mean we dont have a majority that enjoy getting chest we all do. the only mentality we take for not getting chest is in core runs. so if ur coming back and thinking theres going to be no fails and all 19 minute runs. thats not going to happen. so i guess i can give u one more chance to come back but i want u to have a better understanding of what goes on in Lod.

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Monsoonial Disaster

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PostSubject: Re: Monsoon's App   3/28/2011, 11:15 am

I totally understand where your Coming From.... I realized the purpose of your Guild after the fact i left. Im ok with the fact of Fail SC thats what it has been mostly since i left anyways
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PostSubject: Re: Monsoon's App   

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Monsoon's App
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