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 Naruto Applecation :)

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PostSubject: Naruto Applecation :)   3/27/2011, 3:20 pm

Naruto Hukaga Assassin | 20 | Factions, NF, EOTN (Deld 10, Ebon 10, Asuran 10, Norn 10, SS 8, LB, 5)

Il Terra X | Elementalest | 20 | EOTN (Deld 5 , Ebon6, Asuran 4, Norn 3, SS 6 , LB, 0)

MM Necro MM | Necromancer | 20 | EOTN (Deld 5, Ebon 5 , Asuran 5 , Norn 3, SS 5, LB, 0)

I Hoe Ranger I | Ranger | 20 | NF, EOTN (Deld 5, Ebon3 , Asuran 3, Norn 3, SS 7, LB, 3)

Rich Richy | Monk | 20| NF, EOTN ( Deld 8, Ebon 5 , Asuran 7, Norn 5, SS 8, LB 7)

How long have you been playing the game? Describe how long you have been playing
4 years toke a break for 6 months before eotn came out

Provide a brief example of your experience's such as
i love SCs specially UWsc

-Most exp area you can do:T2,t4,t3,ss,emo,t1
-Least exp area you can do: Sos Cause idon't have a rit
-Rest of areas you can do:

Fissure of Woe:
-Most exp area you can do: MoP
-Least exp area you can do: new T3way (t1, t3)
-Rest of areas you can do:T2, UA , 100b

Domain of Anguish:
-Most exp area you can do: UA Or HB
-Least exp area you can do:rest Smile
-Rest of areas you can do:non (looking forward to learn Emo)

Do you have ventrillo? And Mic? yes i have a mic too

Why are you looking to join [Lod]? heard from friends that is a good guild

Previous Guilds before you applied to [Lod]? QQ

Have you ever been in [Lod] before? No

Have you ever been in any guild in the alliance at the moment? No

Do you have any References within [Lod] no

Lastly, Any information about your self that you find may help us in the evaluations or you wish to express please leave here.
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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Applecation :)   3/27/2011, 4:11 pm

thank you for applying, your application looks good,
could you specify what kind of t3,t4 , by that i mean what kind of duos if any you can do.
other than that it looks great


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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Applecation :)   3/28/2011, 5:36 am

trial app looks good

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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Applecation :)   

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Naruto Applecation :)
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