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 Loli's reapp

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PostSubject: Loli's reapp   6/3/2011, 6:28 pm

In-Game Names/Professions/Level/Abbreviate Campaigns beaten & also EoTN PvE Ranks

• Loli Haz Ekorpse / Necro / 20 / All games beaten / Max for all PvE ranks
• Loli Sudden Death / Assassin / 20 / All games beaten / Max for Delver, Asura and Vanguard.. R9 Norn, R6 SS, R4 LB
• Loli Hurtaid / Monk / 20 / All games beaten / Max for Vanguard, Delver, SS, Asura and LB. R9 Norn
• Loli Enkindle Hail / Elementalist / 20 / All games beaten / R9 SS, R8 Vanguard, R7 Norn, R7 LB, R7 Delver, R3 Asura
• Back In Your Heart / Ritualist / 20 / All games beaten /
• Why Dont You And I / Mesmer / 20 / EoTN only, currently working on her /
• Turn The Lights Off / Warrior / EoTN only, working on her someday D: I don't really enjoy playing warrior.

•How long have you been playing the game? Describe how long you have been playing

• Over 10,000 hours, over the past 56 months.
I stopped playing from febuary to april this year because of some classes. But they're over now, I'm getting updated
with builds and roles again.
Ive done everything in the game, gwamm for the past 3 yrs, I know every elite area very well.

•Provide a brief example of your experience's such as :

• Necro: My main character and oldest one, Ive done everything in the game with her, I can run any build since she got all skills
for all classes anyway. Experienced in every elite area.
• Assassin: Basically for SC's. I don't really like to play with assassin unless its for SC purposes. More experienced at UW and FoW, SooSC, KathSC and other dungeons as well.
• Monk: More experienced with FoW and DoA. Since monks aren't really meta lately for SC's, I just play monk for those now.
• Ele: Experienced with Tway, but I prefer playing sin better for terra roles.
• Ritualist: Experienced with Tway, DoA and FoW SCs.

All my characters have the required equipments for SCs.

• Underworld:
-Most exp area you can do: emo, ss
-Least exp area you can do: t2, t3 (im gonna learn soon srry n_n)
-Rest of areas you can do: t4, lt, sos, t1

•Fissure of Woe:
-Most exp area you can do: mop
-Least exp area you can do:
-Rest of areas you can do: mt, sos, ua

•Domain of Anguish:
-Most exp area you can do: ua
-Least exp area you can do: tanks
-Rest of areas you can do: depends on which spiker/caster is needed for the guild runs.

•Do you have ventrillo? And Mic?
Yes and yes.

•Why are you looking to join [Lod]?
Because I rather have guild runs pug ftl.
And... some people I know joined Lod

•Previous Guilds before you applied to [Lod]?
xtc- not in alli anymore which was barring my way into Lod

•Have you ever been in [Lod] before? If so state why you left or why you were kicked

•Have you ever been in any guild in the alliance at the moment? If so state why you left or why you were kicked and when this happened
xtc- but xtc left.

•Do you have any References within [Lod] If so, List In Game names here
Ah, Assassin Jonesie knows me well, from another guild we were in for quite a while, Click of Death and I M P A R A V E L knows me too.

•Lastly, Any information about your self that you find may help us in the evaluations or you wish to express please leave here.
Idk, whatever is needed for meta scs in guild if i dont know it yet, ill get to learn soon, fast learner
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PostSubject: Re: Loli's reapp   6/3/2011, 6:29 pm

/trial u sexy girl
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Fayour Sky

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PostSubject: Re: Loli's reapp   6/3/2011, 6:43 pm

Looks good! /Trial
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PostSubject: Re: Loli's reapp   

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Loli's reapp
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