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PostSubject: Application   6/8/2011, 6:19 pm

•In-Game Names/Professions/Level/Abbreviate Campaigns beaten & also EoTN PvE Ranks Avicii Deluxe/Destiny Chaos. Still working on my ele and mesmer. All campaigns are beaten.

Sin Gets In | Assassin | 20 | Prof, Factions, NF, EOTN (Deld 10, Ebon 10, Asuran 10, Norn 10, SS 10, LB, 10)
Avicii Deluxe | Assassin| 20 | /Deld 6, Ebon 7 , Asuran 9 , Norn 5 , SS 7 , LB 7.
Destiny Chaos | Necromancer| 20 |Deld 5 , Ebon 8 , Asuran 6 , Norn 5 , SS 8 , LB 5/
•How long have you been playing the game? Describe how long you have been playing
(i.e. if you took any breaks list how long they lasted and when you took them)
Ive played the game for about 4 years soon. Ive taken one break that almost lasted a year but that was when i was pretty new to the game and than i took one when i quit to play Aion which was maybe 2 months and was also pretty long time ago.

•Provide a brief example of your experience's such as
(i.e. Professions and areas attributed and equipped for said areas within the following PvE Area's)

-Most exp area you can do:T2/SS
-Least exp area you can do:T4/T3/T1/Emo
-Rest of areas you can do:LT.

•Fissure of Woe:
-Most exp area you can do:T1
-Least exp area you can do:None
-Rest of areas you can do:MT/T2/Mop

•Domain of Anguish:
-Most exp area you can do:A/D tank.
-Least exp area you can do:
-Rest of areas you can do:

•Do you have ventrillo? And Mic? Yes Both.

•Why are you looking to join [Lod]?I have alot of Friends there and ive always thought Lod was good.

•Previous Guilds before you applied to [Lod]? [KewL][CrY][Red][puLL][Vi Et Animo][Riot]. Its about what i remember theres more but i do not remember all atm.

•Have you ever been in [Lod] before? If so state why you left or why you were kicked
No i have not been in Lod before.

•Have you ever been in any guild in the alliance at the moment? If so state why you left or why you were kicked and when this happened
Yes i have. ive left cause ive gone to PvP guilds a few times. But never been kicked or so.

•Do you have any References within [Lod] If so, List In Game names here

Toby The dagger. Aggro II
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PostSubject: Re: Application   6/8/2011, 6:38 pm

2 characters? post all please. ranks look fine for the 2 characters but until the other characters appear in the app /no

TimeToDieX - Rob
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PostSubject: Re: Application   6/8/2011, 6:47 pm

/no for same reason as rob
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Fayour Sky

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PostSubject: Re: Application   6/9/2011, 11:32 am

You have to have a fwe more characters for that, We look for people who are fast and can reroll to things to get runs going pretty good. Post them up with ranks, if they meet reqs, I vote /trial, I have seen you in ToA before and done runs with you. You are a pretty good player!
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PostSubject: Re: Application   

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