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 Ill Dagger You Fool

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PostSubject: Ill Dagger You Fool   2/7/2011, 9:19 pm

Copy and Paste the following in your own personal new thread with the Title ("Main Character's" Application) and fill out All the Required information.

In-Game Names/Professions/Level/Abbreviate Campaigns beaten & also EoTN PvE Ranks: Ill Dagger You Fool,Nuke Dem Batches, Assasin,Elementalist All Camps beaten Sin:Ebon:8 Asuran:10 Norn:4 Dwarf:8 Ele:all ten except for ebon which is 9

IGN | Profession | Level


Ill Dagger You Fool| Assassin | 20 | Prof, Factions, NF, EOTN (Deld 8, Ebon 8, Asuran 10, Norn 4, SS 2, LB, 0)

Nuke Dem Batches |Elementalist | 20 | Prof, Factions, EOTN (Deld 10, Ebon 9, Asuran 10, Norn 5, SS 7, LB, Cool

I Am A Spirit |Ritualist | 20 | Factions (Deld 0, Ebon 3, Asuran 1, Norn 1, SS 0, LB, 0)

How long have you been playing the game? Describe how long you have been playing (i.e. if you took any breaks list how long they lasted and when you took them)5 years just got back from a 2 month break

Provide a brief example of your experience's such as (i.e. Professions and areas attributed and equipped for said areas within the following PvE Area's):
-Most exp area you can do:Wastes
-Least exp area you can do:Planes
-Rest of areas you can do:All but planes

Fissure of Woe:
-Most exp area you can do:T2
-Least exp area you can do:T1
-Rest of areas you can do:100B,Ua,SoS

Domain of Anguish:
-Most exp area you can do:Bonder
-Least exp area you can do:Tank
-Rest of areas you can do:Bonder,Tank

Other Dungeons: SoO,Kath,Ravens,Cof

Do you have ventrillo? And Mic?

Yes and Yes

Why are you looking to join [Lod]?

I am looking for a solid guild tht does uwsc consistently and is successful and lod is a great guild to be in for these requirements

Previous Guilds before you applied to [Lod]?

GOLD very briefly, I Joined and left a few days later. And then I had my break for 2months.

Have you ever been in [Lod] before? If so state why you left or why you were kicked:

Yes i was for about a year or more i left because i got bored of the game and didnt want to think i just got up and left i said my goodbyes no hard feelings.

Have you ever been in any guild in the alliance at the moment? If so state why you left or why you were kicked:Nope

Do you have any References within [Lod] If so, List In Game names here: Sin Gets In, Kristy Jokan

Lastly, Any information about your self that you find may help us in the evaluations or you wish to express please leave here.

I am 15 old years from North East America. I used to be very active until the last two months. I like to play all sorts of video games but guild wars is my favorite. I feel I am very easy to get along with and I also take directions well. I look forward to having a chance to be in Lod again.

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PostSubject: Re: Ill Dagger You Fool   2/7/2011, 9:23 pm

Please fill out your application fully, ie including your rit and necro
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Sin Gets Out

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PostSubject: Re: Ill Dagger You Fool   2/7/2011, 10:24 pm

Hello Jake and thank you for Applying. I hope your break served you well and look forward to you being more active again. Lod is a lot different now from what you might remember, in a good way. We currently ared tied for the Tway record, and pushing to tie the UW record. Members who make up the guild now are very talented and also very friendly. We are not a exclusive group or click, but very inclusive of all of our members.

I see you updated your app with your ritualist. The ranks on your rit need to be brought up a bit for Asura to R-4+ and also you need to finish eotn on it.

Please get those sorted and update us after you have done.

Good to see you back mate, G'd Luck and have fun in game.
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PostSubject: Re: Ill Dagger You Fool   2/8/2011, 9:05 pm

Eww Gtfo Jake /no total nub

and hes a left handed pitcher so double /no
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PostSubject: Re: Ill Dagger You Fool   

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Ill Dagger You Fool
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